Project Scoping, Design, Pricing, Delivery and Payment

We have all heard horror stories of ‘cowboy builders’ who take money from customers up front, carry out unsatisfactory work, or go ‘missing’ following receipt of payment, leaving you with additional cost and disruption.

At Town and Country Classics I take time to visit your home and discuss your needs in detail. I can suggest suitable products and suppliers if that is helpful, but I am not tied to any particular suppliers, so you can choose whichever products you prefer.

If you are unsure about your exact needs I can make layout and design suggestions based on knowledge and experience of previous projects. I can also measure up your kitchen or bathroom and accompany you to design appointments run by suppliers where you can see 3D visualisations of your home and test different layout options before deciding on your final design.

Once you have decided on the design of your project, I will provide you with a written estimate for any work proposed, which you can consider in your own time before deciding on whether or not to proceed. This will include price details from the relevant supplier of all the products you have selected. These will be provided to you with no ‘mark-up’ meaning you can benefit from trade prices where available. Separately I will set out in writing to you labour and any other general materials costs, so that you are clear about the total cost of the project. As long as there are no changes or additions to your requirements during the project this will be the price you pay.

Unlike some builders, I do not ask for 100% of the cost of the project up-front. Each project is different, but an initial payment of 50% of the value of materials is generally requested just prior to me submitting an order with the relevant supplier. The remaining 50% is payable just prior to delivery of the items to your home. Labour costs are payable in stages as the project progresses, so you only pay for work completed to your satisfaction.

Finally, carrying out construction work at home, especially to the kitchen and bathroom areas, can be disruptive. I will work with you to minimise disruption as much as possible, whether agreeing hours of work each day, or providing temporary drinking water and cooking facilities, or phasing the work to make sure that you have access to a shower / WC! These are the details we can work through together if you choose to appoint Town and Country Classics.